Style for steel, stainless steel, metal casting & mechanical engineering works is a part of Khouzan Holding,

Established from 1996 STYLE for Steel & Stainless Steel Engineering is a high technical and human capability Factory for perfect manufacture of M/S, Stainless Steel, Wrought Iron and Brass Products in the field of architectural, industrial works and all kinds of steel machines, crankshaft and cylinder’s polishing, ARC, MIG and Aluminium welding services, etc.

Using the latest techniques and machines for Steel Tubes, Solid Bars and Sheets.  Our fabricated products obtain a High Global Standard.  We provide to our clients all documentation, calculations, technical specification, DWG’s, brake tests, etc.

Our steel factory is also involved in Wrought Iron and Stainless Steel structures such as railings, balconies, gates, etc., with reputation for producing of high quality and the most intricate designs.  It’s made possible by our professional Design Department, ready to fulfill our customer’s needs, requirements and visions.

Beginning from our design and Engineering Department where are set the DWG’s, Technical specification and calculation for  each product, continue at the factory with fabrication, assembling and finishing procedures, till all erections and installations works, we have all facilities, machine and trained teams to perform and excellent job and to ensure a smooth handover of all our Projects.